Funtional Electrical Stimulation (FES) 

We are able to assess suitability and provide fitting of the Odstock Pace Functional Electrical Stimulator (FES).

This is suitable in the management of several walking problems such as:
Drop foot
Knee hyperextension
Inadequate foot push off
Waddling gait

Cost for assessment for suitability (1 hour clinic or home visit) =£60
This includes a 1 week loan of the device.

If you find FES is beneficial then you can be referred to the NHS service if you meet eligibility criteria. Alternatively  you can buy a device directly from Odstock and have it fitted by us at a cost of £45 for a follow up visit. It is likely you would need 2 further visits in the year to ensure that an optimal walking pattern is achieved. 

Video demonstrating the dropped foot stimulator with a range of conditions.