Vicky is experienced in helping people with dementia to achieve their goals in moving well. Exercise is beneficial at all stages of dementia and can help to reduce the complications of reduced mobility.

In order to exercise well with dementia, a person-centred approach is needed. During the first visit it is important to find out what are the goals someone wants to work towards and to get a good understanding of previous exercise habits. This will help to develop a tailored programme that is meaningful. For example a walk in the park may be a better place to practice balance exercises than by a chair at home.

To discuss what is best for you or someone you are close to, call 0115 922 6600 or use the link below ::

Vicky is a co-ordinator of the Dementia Friendly Exercise Class at the Studio on Padge Road, Beeston. This is a weekly class for people with dementia and carers and costs £5 per couple.