Diagnostic Soft Tissue Massage

Diagnostic Soft Tissue Massage (DxSTM)

This is our approach to combining our extensive experience & a committed hands-on approach as an assessment tool to establish underlying soft tissue problems. It can be used for many common musculoskeletal problems such as calf strain, hamstring strain, neck strain and low back strain. 

Unlike instrumented soft tissue massage (ISTM), where the clinician is unable to feel the compliance and response of the tissues, diagnostic soft tissue mobilisation gives both you and your physiotherapist valuable feedback on what is happening below the surface of the skin. 

When spasm or pain occurs, instruments cannot rapidly respond. Human touch, the knowledge of the clinician and your immediate verbal feedback are all vital sources of information that are used to enhance your rehabilitation programme. Massage can be used diagnostically or therapeutically, supplemented with an active rehabilitation programme to put you back in control of the problem. The powerful therapeutic effects of the hands will give you a better insight into your musculoskeletal pain problem.

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