Vicky runs 3 classes suitable for people with Parkinson's Disease at all stages.  She is LSVT BIG certified and has completed her PD Warrior Training.

All classes run on a Monday at the Middle Street Resource Centre in Beeston and cost £5 per person.

10:00-11:00am  Strong and Steady. Suitable for later stage PD this is a mix of seated and standing strength and balance exercises.

6:00-7:00pm  Exercise with PD. This is a high intensity group class with a mixture of sitting, standing and floor exercises. Suitable for early and middle stages of PD.

7:00-7:45pm  Parkinsons circuit class. This is a high intensity circuit class suitable for people with a good level of balance. Friends can come and exercise too - subject to fitness and space.

Parkinson's Disease

Vicky can offer a comprehensive level of support for people with Parkinson’s Disease.
This could be ::
  • a quick MOT
  • an intensive programme of rehabilitation (LSVTBig) 
  • advice as to how to optimise what you are already doing
  • regular exercise classes where progress can be monitored 
Call and arrange a FREE initial consultation to see what is best for you.

LSVT BIG Treatment

Many people with Parkinson’s Disease may have heard of LSVT. It a therapy approach to combat the smallness of movement that occurs in Parkinson’s.
It helps people with Parkinson’s Disease to regain ::
:: Big movements
:: Big voice
:: Thinking BIG
The programme is delivered 1:1 with a certified therapist and requires intensive practice at home to maximise effects. The effects, however, are significant and many research studies support the use of this therapy.
There are many great videos on YouTube demonstrating the effects of LSVT BIG ::

think BIG ! - how I fight Parkinson´s with LSVT BIG

LSVT BIG: Patients before and after

LSVT BIG is an exercise programme and so as well as maintaining bigger movement you get all the other beneficial effects of exercise, such as less pain, more strength, positive endorphins, and better retention of cognitive ability. Effects have been shown to be maintained for up to 2 years following LSVT.

Who is LSVT for?

LSVT is appropriate at any stage of Parkinson’s. It is never too early to undertake LSVT BIG and studies have demonstrated there may be a protective effect from starting early. It is an intensive programme and requires commitment to undertake. So you need to feel ready to invest a month of time to therapy.

How is LSVT delivered?

LSVT is delivered as sixteen 1:1 sessions over a four week period. That is 4 sessions of 1 hour each week for 4 weeks.

Vicky offers LSVT in clinic or as a home based therapy in the Nottingamshire/Derbyshire/Leicestershire area.

Costs ::
Clinic based (in Beeston Clinic): £495
Home based (within a 10 mile radius): £595

Price includes:

:: Initial 1.5 hour assessment,
:: 16 therapy sessions over a 4 week period, and
:: Follow up visit 2 weeks after the end of the programme.