Jump Rope - A Systems Approach

Owen Moore - Update 2nd Feb 2020
If this was a drug, we would all be on it 3 times a day!
If you can walk, you can jump rope. Train the way you want to perform. Believe in your ability to be better. Take ownership of your fitness - at home, today and forever.
Create a new habit - 3 sets of 3mins 20secs (10mins of jump rope) - as easy as brushing your teeth.

I had the pleasure yesterday of hosting the Buddy Lee Jump Rope System (JRS) to a select few at the UFC Gym, Nottingham, England.
My interest in jumping rope started a few years back when the General Manager of UFC Gym Nottingham, Mr. Rikki Jeffrey helped me achieve double unders in a single morning (despite months of CrossFit training).  When I managed to secure Buddy Lee's attendance, Rikki was the first person I wanted to ask about hosting the seminar. Huge thank you for yesterday AND your help back then sir!
Fast forward now to 2019. I was asked to help plan and deliver a boxing class for Parkinson's Disease patients and I was looking for a jump rope methodology that was progressive, safe and effective for at-risk patients. Amongst the fog of videos, opinions and impossible somersault tricks, I discovered the methodology that has since changed my fitness, health and that of my patients. Imagine making falls and fraility a thing of the past? Can you ask an 80-year old who is osteoporotic to jump rope? Absolutely - if you coach them correctly.
Obesity, ACL injurycardiac rehabilitation, chronic pain syndromes ~ these are all conditions receptive to a functional loading approach that jumping rope allows. We should be prescribing jump ropes NOT drugs; opiods and NSAID's convey more risk than benefit. The time for change is imminent and I intend to champion self-efficacy and fitness with a JRS.
There's the 3 Phase approach (Base, Conditioning & Sports/HIIT), low impact, challenging skillsets and fun cognitive tasks - all this and more from a cost-effective, space-efficient treatment. I am now writing an exercise prescription program for common musculoskeletal conditions with the research to support the JRS.

I have been reviewing the literature about skeletal muscle injuries, tendon adaptions to physical stress and also the emerging clinical utility of jumping rope.
I was very interested to learn that jumping rope (regular & weight ropes) increased sit-up and press-up ability significantly over a 12-week schedule,  as well as reduced body fat and improved grip & throwing function!  
Full researcgh paper (.pdf) ::